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CE Category of PPE

Blogs | 2020.03.21 | Clique:

The Personal Protective Equipment Directives (89/686/CEE) and (93/68/CEE) have been enacted by the European Community to ensure harmonisation of regulations regarding testing of all PPE sold within the community. All gloves of intermediate and complex design must now be tested independently to ascertain their performance and ensure their safety. They must, if they meet these standards, carry a CE Mark on the gloves or their packaging when it is not practical.

CE Category I

Minimal risk. Category 1 gloves are suitable for minimal risk environment such as temperature below 50C, gardening and other light works.


CE Category II

Intermediate risk. Category 2 protective gloves are designed and tested for reversible risks such as mechanical risks and chemical risks. All products are must be validated and type certified by an approved body to conduct relevant standard tests.

CE Category III

Serious risk. Category 3 gloves are designed for, tested, and checked for irreversible risks such as toxic and corrosive chemical handling. All products are also must be validated and certified by an approved body. This category includes chemical gloves and heat protection gloves.